I began my photography journey in 2010 in a helicopter flying over Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I wasn't a photographer, but simply a passenger.  I had a simple Panasonic point and shoot camera. A fellow soldier was sitting with his feet hanging over the edge of the door. I thought it looked so cool that I had to snap a photo. When I got back to base and loaded the photo, I fell in love. After I got back home to Augusta, I bought a Canon t2i and began devoting myself to learning all I could to get a "good" shot. I've traveled all over the east coast shooting landscapes, cityscapes, abstract items, and models.

12 years later and I shoot with a Canon EOS R5 and have fallen in love with moody modeling portraiture that elicits a response from those who see the final images.  I yearn to make artwork that will make you feel empowered, and I want to leave ordinary at the door.

In 2020 I decided to go back to college, and in 2022 I received my associates degree in photography.

Just as Prometheus was rebellious when he brought man fire, let us be rebelliously creative and innovative in the art we bring to life.
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